Two huge movies based on Greek mythology have both received casting announcements on the same day, once again fuelling the excitement for two movies that have mirrored each other through virtually every point of development. (They were both greenlit at the same time, they are both budgeted at $100 million, they will both be greenscreen ala 300 and are both based on Greek mythology, just different plots). First up, Warner Bros. are circling Sam Worthington to play Perseus in their big budget remake of the 80's classic CLASH OF THE TITANS to be directed by Louis Letterier (THE INCREDIBLE HULK, TRANSPORTER) and scripted by the famous Lawrence Kasdan (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK). CLASH OF THE TITANS tells the story of Zeus son Perseus' journey and battles against Medusa (as pictured above). Worthington has recently made himself one of Hollywood's most sought after young actors after James Cameron cast him in AVATAR and recommended him to McG for TERMINATOR SALVATION. Next up, Relativity Media's greek movie WAR OF THE GODS is in talks with The Tudors star Henry Cavill to play Theseus in their Tarsem Singh (THE FALL, THE CELL) directed epic. The plot for Charley and Vlas Parlapanides' scripted movie is being kept under-wraps. Variety say the deals for both actors are nearly 100% locked and both films are expected to begin production within the next five months. Two good young actors and two movies I'm very much interested in, though I think WAR OF THE GODS has the far superior director. I'm just not sure the guy who gave us THE INCREDIBLE HULK is at all the right man to try and better the 80's version of CLASH OF THE TITANS, especially not with green screen. Neither of these projects have anything to do with the 300 sequel or GOD OF WAR, the latter which has Brett Ratner attached to direct.

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