It’s on… Joel Silver is fast tracking LETHAL WEAPON at Warner Bros and has begun talking to potential actors for the first Shane Black scripted movie in the series since the original 1987 Richard Donner directed classic.

STOMP THE YARD lead Columbus Short has told IGN that he has spoken with Silver about the role of Murtaugh’s son (Danny Glover’s characters son) and mentions both Glover and Mel Gibson in his interview, as if both vets are already on board.

After a good amount of false starts, this new attempt to crack a LETHAL WEAPON return may just be happening and I’ve been all for it since Shane Black handed in his screenplay, I have complete faith in his ability to write the best possible movie for this franchise.

More so than ROCKY, RAMBO, DIE HARD… I say LETHAL WEAPON has the most chance of working today. It was never about how fit or strong you were, it was about being charismatic and funny, with a smart themed screenplay behind you. Neither Glover, Gibson, Black or hell, even Richard Donner are over the hill, they could all still do this.

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This article was first posted on October 7, 2008