Comic Con 2018: Every Major Announcement You Need To Know

DC reveals galore.

Shazam movie
Warner Bros.

San Diego Comic-Con - aka the Super Bowl for superhero fans - has come and gone for another year, and though this year's series of conferences and panels perhaps lacked a little majesty with the near-total absence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was still a stellar celebration of all things geek.

More to the point, it was nevertheless packed to the gills with insanely neat announcements, enticing trailer reveals, and some truly stunning surprises just about nobody saw coming.

The DC brand really had the floor this year to do whatever they wanted, and they sure as hell took advantage of it across the mediums of film, TV and home video animation.

They weren't alone, though: Fox were on-hand to talk-up Venom, Marvel revealed some juicy new TV tidbits, and even outside of the comic book arena, a number of long-awaited films and TV show announcements left fans utterly giddy with delight.

In case the insanity of the Comic-Con circus left you bewildered by information overload, these are the big announcements you absolutely, positively must know about...

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