D23: Disney Reveals First Look Photos Of Star Wars Land Models

That's no moon... it's a theme park!

Disney Star Wars Land

Coming soon to a galaxy not-so-far, far away, Disney have just unveiled the best look yet at Star Wars Land (name TBC).

Announced back in 2015, the new land is set to be an immersive experience for fans of the saga. It'll take place on a new planet - a trading port that serves as the last stop before "Wild Space" - which allows people from all over the galaxy to come together.

As Disney's D23 Expo kicked off, a number of models of the land were on display, showing us just what we can expect when it eventually opens sometime in 2019. From the looks of things no detail has been glossed over, and you can glimpse plenty of Star Wars iconography: X-Wings, B-Wings, A-Wings, and of course the Millennium Falcon.

It is beautiful indeed. At the event, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek referred to the lands (there's one in Disney World, and one in Disneyland, Anaheim) as "immersive new worlds".

It's quite easy to see that being the case from the photos, although good luck finding a day when there are so few people there (see the shadowy figures in the images).

In terms of rides, one will be based in the Falcon itself, allowing to control the ol' piece of junk in a customised secret mission, and another that plunges guests into the battle between the First Order and the Resistance. There'll also be shopping, dining in a cantina (obvs), and as reported last year, potentially a droid that wanders around the park and interacts with guests.

There's no official confirmation on a name or opening date, but we do know it's coming in 2019.

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