DCEU: 10 Characters Most Likely To Die (And The Movies They'll Die In)

Bye bye Batfleck.

Warner Bros.

Comic-book movies and death have an incredibly unsatisfying relationship. Most of the people that actually stay dead are the ones we knew would die anyway (Uncle Ben, The Waynes), and the folks we don't expect to bite the dust usually end up coming back to life in a subsequent movie or TV show.

But for all the complaints levelled at the DC Extended Film Universe, one positive element of its trio of films is that they've been much more liberal when it comes to the axing of prominent characters.

The death of General Zod in Man of Steel was hugely surprising, and even El Diablo's demise in Suicide Squad - arguably the film's most fleshed out, well-rounded character - came as a bit of a shock.

And we haven't even mentioned the entire planet of Krypton, June Finch, Jimmy Olsen and Jason Todd. Granted, Warner Bros are doing the whole 'resurrection' thing with Superman, but for the most part, DC's deaths are impactful, unexpected, and most importantly - they stick.

And that surely means we can expect a lot more of them in future, considering the vast slate of films the studio currently has lined up. Here are our predictions for the ten characters most likely to meet their maker in the near future!

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