Deadpool 2: 10 Best Moments

9. The James Bond-Inspired Opening Credits

Deadpool 2 Flashdance

The pre-title sequence ends with Deadpool witnessing the death of Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and giving one of the assailants a hug of death into oncoming traffic. The credits then roll, and naturally, they're backed by Celine Dion's melodramatic new song "Ashes" and spectacularly resemble the elaborate opening titles to a James Bond movie (gun barrel and all).

As various "arty" glimpses of Deadpool fill the screen, the titles reflect Deadpool's bemusement at Ness' death - "They just killed her?", "What the f***?" and "I don't understand" - before referring to the writers as "the real villains" (after they were deemed "the real heroes" in the first movie), crediting the cinematography to Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) and the direction to "the guy who killed the dog in John Wick" (that's director David Leitch).

It's a fantastic credits sequence that doesn't just rehash the concept of the original movie's titles, but varies it up with a visually stunning Bond parody.

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