Deadpool 2 Trailer: Everything You Missed

Truffle Shuffle represent.

Josh Brolin Cable

Though it's still a few months away from release, Deadpool 2's marketing blitz is already starting to ramp up, and after how fantastically Fox managed to sell the first film to audiences, they certainly have a lot to live up to with both the sequel itself and its bonkers advertising campaign.

Things have certainly gotten off to a great start, cemented by this second teaser trailer, which has a lot of fun with the concept of trailers itself while also showing off a bunch of face-melting new footage.

With Deadpool being the most gloriously self-aware superhero property ever, it's only natural that this two-minute teaser included a bunch of easily-missed gags, nods, references and general Easter eggs for the hardcore crowd to seek out.

Now, just about everyone got a chuckle out of that barbed, totally unsubtle rib at Justice League's infamous mustache debacle, but elsewhere there are a number of more subdued blink-and-you'll-miss-it hints, visual symbols and daft gags which either hint at the movie's overall narrative, or are simply hilarious to observe...

18. The Spinal Tap Rifle

Deadpool 2 Gun

Proving that Deadpool 2's going to be packed with a wide variety of pop-culture references just like its predecessor - as if there was really any doubt - the trailer's opening introduction to Cable features a shot of the time-traveling mutant cranking his rifle's power up to 11.

This is, of course, a nod to the legendary 1984 mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap, which features an hilarious, unforgettable sequence where the band's amplifiers are all shown with knobs that go to 11, because why not?

Cable's a Spinal Tap fan, eh? Who knew?

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