Deadpool 2 Was Originally Going To Include The Fantastic Four!

Only Deadpool could make Miles Teller's Mr. Fantastic look cool.

The Thing
Alexander Lozano

It's no surprise that the Deadpool 2 which debuted in theatres earlier this year was markedly different from the one which original director Tim Miller had planned for audiences. Before he left the project due to creative differences in 2017, the filmmaker was hard at work on crafting the follow up to his original runaway success, and while a lot of the broad story strokes were retained as director David Leitch took over, recently revealed concept art from his time at the helm showcases his radically different vision.

Revealed on Instagram by concept artist Alexander Lozano, the original designs highlight alternate looks for the likes of Juggernaut and Cable. However, the images also reveal that, initially, Miller planned to include Fox's own Fantastic Four in the movie. Even better, it was going to be the exact same superhero squad that appeared in 2015's much-maligned reboot, with each of the actors from the movie - including Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan - acting as the basis of the mockups.

How they would fit into the plot hasn't been revealed (though it's easy to see them simply being brought back to be killed off as the final nail in the coffin for their respective incarnations of the characters), but the designs look cool nonetheless, especially The Thing. Apparently, Miller was pretty specific as to how his Ben Grimm was supposed to look - and the cigar-chomping hard-ass the director envisioned would have been right at home in this irreverent universe - but it's just as cool to see the rest of the gang suited up one more time.

David Leitch's version of Deadpool 2 turned out pretty damn well all things considered, but planned cameos like this probably won't help some fans pining over what could have been.

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