Disney Plus: Everything Coming To The Streaming Service - Ranked

With Star Wars, MCU & Pixar, Disney's streaming service has a LOT to offer.

Disney Play

Disney will move a step closer to pop-culture domination next year, when the Mouse House completes its takeover of Fox, adding those properties to the likes of Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and its own string of animation, live-action, and live-action remakes of animated classics.

It's not just gaining the rights to X-Men, Fantastic Fox and co though, as 2019 will also see the company launch its own streaming service, which is now confirmed to be called Disney+ (or Disney Plus). Netflix have paved the way, and with growth for Amazon and now everyone from Apple to YouTube getting in on the act of making original streaming content, Disney are coming along with major plans looking to blow everyone out of the water immediately.

What's more, with an impressive slew of movies and TV shows already in the works to go alongside their considerable back catalogue, they might just accomplish it, although not everything is going to be worth signing up for.

28. Flora & Ulysses

Flora And Ulysses

An illustrated novel that incorporates more traditional stencil drawings with comic book panels, Flora & Ulysses centres on a cynical girl who witnesses her neighbour's squirrel being run over by a vacuum cleaner, an event that grants it superpowers.

The movie version is being billed as a family drama, and will surely appeal to kids whose parents have already signed up to the service, although no talent is attached yet with the project still in the early stages of development.


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