Django Unchained Leaked In Full On Youtube

Quentin Tarantino and the Weinstein’s are not going to be happy. Someone on Youtube has potentially stolen the thunder from…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor


Quentin Tarantino and the Weinstein’s are not going to be happy.

Someone on Youtube has potentially stolen the thunder from the rest of the world release schedule of Django Unchained, almost two weeks ahead of the release dates by posting the entire thing on Youtube, and claiming that they have the legal right to do so.

That person is Disco Rotic – an infrequent Youtube poster who has taken it upon themself to post an Awards screener copy of the film (hence the incriminating “For Your Consideration” emblazoned across the bottom in parts.) And at the time of writing, the film still appears on the site, despite the presumed anger of all parties behind the film’s creation, and despite having been up for at least seven hours.

You really have to wonder about the sanity of anyone who posts a full movie on Youtube, and claims that because it is an Oscar screener it is a completely legal leak, intended as a public screening copy. Because somewhere at the back of their mind, they probably justified it by some incredibly misguided notion that Tarantino and the Weinsteins don’t actually want to make money out of the film, and that they sent out screeners to share their creation without the distractions of box offices and commercial reception.

Because, of course, that’s how the film industry works.

But to a certain extent, the entire culture of sending out Awards screeners is an invitation to piracy for some people – every year around the same time, the biggest films will appear in circulation online (though not usually as brazenly as on Youtube), and every year the film studios will continue to effectively allow it to happen. Of course it’s a small minority who spoil the fun for everyone else, but it only takes one person with access to a screener to spread it like wildfire around the net.

And surely Youtube should have done something about it by now?!

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