Do We Really Need A Justice League Movie?

Marcus loves the Justice League but does he want their movie to be a knee jerk reaction to The Avengers success?

Marcus Doidge


With confirmation that “Gangster Squad” screenwriter Will Beall has spent the last year working on the script, the Justice League movie is underway and the DC comics’ ball is rolling (finally). With the forthcoming Superman reboot “Man of Steel” no doubt going to be the spark that leads to the big DC super team uniting, Warner Bros. seem keen to chase down “The Avengers” money that keeps on rolling in over at Marvel and given that the single minded view Hollywood puts on movies, this seems the only way to get it… but is it really?

“The Avengers” gamble over at Marvel has totally paid off. The general public now know the characters they probably only just about previously knew the names of beforehand (well other than the Hulk) and the stepping stone approach to the big team up, an old school comic book trick, generated an event the audience went go ga-ga over and has proven its worth on the big screen. This was a gamble that beat the odds, proved a story could be told over multiple movies and Marvel can proudly wear the comic book movie crown. They did this all in stages, introducing us to characters in modern ways and selling the likes of Thor (a God with a lot of “Thou’s”) and Captain America (still one of the silliest costumes in mainstream comics) to an accepting audience and by the time the payoff rolled around, Dads, kids and even Mums were more than ready for it (well, Chris Hemsworth brought the Mums).

Marvel have the popcorn buyers and it’s wonderful. If anyone had predicted this fifteen years ago, I would have called them insane but I say that DC / Warner Bros. should let them have it and avoid trying to replicate their model.

For starters, we don’t need individual character movies beyond the upcoming “Man of Steel”. No one on this Earth doesn’t know who Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are and if they don’t, the other 90% of the population will let them know. That’s half the team sorted out straight way. No one needs to know Batman or Superman’s origin again. There’s no need to reboot Batman pre-“Justice League” and establish a new actor. No need to slot in another half-assed “Green Lantern” film and there’s a right way to handle Wonder Woman (more on that later).