Eli Roth's PRIDE OF THE NATION poster...

Eli Roth's "movie within the movie" of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is a Nazi propaganda movie titled PRIDE OF THE NATION which stars Frederick Zoller, a deadly sniper who is said to have killed many Russians and has a celebratory like status in his home country for being a respected solider and popular leading man. He is played by Daniel Bruhl. PRIDE OF THE NATION plays a massive part of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, the premiere showing of the movie is the framework for one of the film's acts. Quentin Tarantino gave his great friend and one of the stars of the movie, HOSTEL director Eli Roth, the camera and a budget to film some extensive and authentic scenes which we will see glimpses of in the final cut. Roth, naturally, decided to shoot "over the top" scenes which hopefully we will get to see in their entirety on some kind of DVD release in the future. For now, we get this promotional artwork for PRIDE OF THE NATION thanks to Quentin Tarantino Archives... With the movie set to premiere at Cannes and open in August, we are barely a few months away from seeing some heavy and extensive marketing for this film. We are likely to see many, many character one-sheets ala KILL BILL and PULP FICTION as this movie has a HUGE cast. Can't wait to see how they promote a Spaghetti Western/European World War II movie.

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