Emma Watson To Star In Guillermo Del Toro’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST??

Crazy, Stupid, Love producer says she is working with Del Toro on an adaptation of the classic Gothic story that would star Hermione herself. But would he cast Ron Perlman as the Beast again?

Matt Holmes


You can never quite tell just what projects Guillermo del Toro is juggling in his head at any one time. The imaginative helmer has so many creative ideas, so many stories he wants to tell, that someday he is going to have to admit to himself that he simply can’t make everything.

In the past year alone we’ve heard about his love for The Haunted Mansion and his desire to take another shot at adapting the famous Disney ride. We’ve heard about his Van Helsing movie with Tom Cruise that was nearly put into production last year and we all know about the new Frankenstein he wants to make with Doug Jones. Not to mention the one that got away… H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness.

There’s so many classic monsters of film land that speak directly to the director and legendary figures he wants to bring new life too on screen and put his unique hallmark on. In fact, I’m sure if you gave him the keys he would remake the whole of Universal’s famous rogues gallery of monsters. And he would make damn fine movies too.

Now comes word that another piece of classic Gothic literature that’s already been immortalised several times on film and t.v. is brewing in his mind for a film and it’s a property we aren’t at all surprised he has a great affection for…

At a press junket for the forthcoming Crazy, Stupid, Love – producer Denise Di Novi has told Coming Soon that she is in the process of developing a new version of Beauty and the Beast, with Guillermo Del Toro producing and Emma Watson set to star, presumably as the beauty!!

That’s all that was said in the interview regarding the new take on Beauty and the Beast but already my mind is racing at the possibilities. I’m guessing live-action is planned as nobody would be stupid enough to try and match the Oscar nominated Disney animated version which is just such a perfect and lovable film. Then I think of the last notable live action Beauty and the Beast – the fabulous contemporary t.v. show of the late 80’s that starred Del Toro’s own muse Ron Perlman (who lived in the sewers) and Linda Hamilton (who was re-imagined as a NY attorney) which you just know Del Toro has seen that a thousand times.

Could we even dare to think that Del Toro has positioned this new Beauty and the Beast as a vehicle for his very own Hellboy, despite the two decade age gap between Watson and Perlman?

Is Del Toro just producing or would he be directing also?

Presumably with Del Toro’s aesthetics the movie would be closer to Jean Cocteau’s stunning 1946 film… but still very much a unique Del Toro production.

The last adaption of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale was the misjudged commercial crap Beastly starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens which is better left forgotten.

Of course a new Beauty and the Beast is the latest in what is very much an out of control trend to remake every fairytale under the sun and Christ, we’ve got at least two Snow White’s to contend with next year. But in Del Toro’s hands…. Beauty and the Beast is going to be something to see.

Let’s hope it happens but of course if he is to direct, it won’t be until he is done with his monster mash Pacific Rim that shoots later this year for a July 2013 release.

So many questions…. would love to hear your thoughts?