Every Bond Girl Ranked - Worst To Best

1. Teresa “Tracy” Di Vicenzo (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1969)


Almost fifty years before dealing acid-laced verbal barbs and generally owning the Lannister family at every turn as the Queen of Thorns, Diana Rigg’s Contessa Tracy di Vicenzo was being crowned James Bond’s very own Queen of Love and Beauty.

Yes, Tracy was the first (and so far, only) cinematic Bond Girl to become a Bond Wife. So what made her worthy of that honour? Although 007’s initial courting of Tracy went down as her father’s price for information on Ernst Stavro Blofeld, her sharp wit, complexities of character and learned sophistication immediately helped her stand out in a vintage era for cinematic Bond.

What really seals the deal though is how valuable she is an ally, despite her lack of combat training. When Bond escapes from Blofeld’s clutches at Piz Gloria, under relentless pursuit, he’s arguably as frightened and vulnerable as we’ve ever seen him. Who should come along, then, but Tracy gliding into the frame like a guardian angel? She proceeds to not only provide the getaway car which whisks Bond to safety, but even drives it herself.

There’s perhaps no moment in Bond more emotionally devastating than the final scene of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in which a newly wed Tracy is gunned down, bringing even the famously hardened spy to tears. But don't fret: we have all the time in the world to consider Tracy Bond, nee Draco the greatest Bond Girl ever.

Best moment: For ample evidence of her moxy, look no further than the climactic storming of Piz Gloria in which Tracy manages to kill a much more physically imposing foe by pushing him onto a conveniently placed wall spike, after a fierce struggle.

Worst moment: It’s her swiping of 007’s car right after he saves her life in the film’s opening sequence that leads him to practically wink at the camera as he quips “this never happened to the other fella!” Thanks for directly causing a moment we’d all like to forget, Tracy.

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