Every Bond Movie Pre-Title Scene Ranked - Worst To Best

Bond begins with a bang... almost every time.


There are few cinematic traditions more beloved and firmly entrenched than the James Bond pre-title sequences.

With every new entry to the Bond saga, the opening scene is always among the most anticipated - and the most impressive. The demand for breathtaking stunts and awesome action sequences before the title song begins has only increased over the decades, as the tradition has come to necessitate that Bond films open with a flourish.

From standalone sequences to previews of key elements of a given film’s main plot, the opening chapter of 007 adventures help each film to establish its own identity. As cinematic trends have changed over time, the pre-title scenes have also served as reflections of the era in which they’re set.

It’s been a staple of the films dating back to 1963 (Dr No, the franchise’s debut in 1962, didn’t have one) and will surely remain so for as long as James Bond continues to return.

While almost as difficult a task as ranking the best Bond films, it’s nonetheless a question well worth tackling. As the long wait for Bond 25 continues, let's ask: which scenes sent their films rocketing out of the gate, and which left them having to catch up after a false start?

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