Every In Development (& Rumoured) Star Wars Movie & TV Show - Ranked

The galaxy far, far away is getting a lot bigger with Episode IX, Disney Plus & more.

The Mandalorian Obi-Wan Kenobi

While Marvel Studios' plans for cinematic dominance extend a good few years into the future, those of a galaxy far, far away are in something of a state of flux.

Star Wars Episode IX will release in December this year, but that's going to end not only the Sequel Trilogy, but also the Skywalker Saga. It's also the only Star Wars movie with a firm release date, and means there isn't a single one on Lucasfilm's slate with even a title right now. Given this will make five Star Wars movies in as many years after a decade without, that's a big shift, but comes as Disney attempts to figure out just what to do with its monolithic franchise.

Like with the MCU, though, the firmer future may like in streaming service Disney Plus. That's where shows such as Loki, Vision & Scarlet Witch, and Bucky & Falcon will find a home, and where a number of Star Wars series are set to land as well.

There are some projects on the docket that are a little further out, and also a whole lot more that have been rumoured of late, as everyone tries to piece together the puzzle of Star Wars' future, but which ones are worth being excited about?

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