Every John Cena Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

15. Ready To Rumble (2000)

Ready To Rumble Cena
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Around the same time he was training with UPW, Cena actually made his first strides into the world of acting, thanks to WCW's notorious Ready To Rumble, which we can all thank for giving us a world in which David Arquette became a wrestling champion.

Though there's some pleasure to seeing the stars of WCW in the film - alongside the likes of Arquette, Scott Caan and Oliver Platt - the overall effect is not particularly great. It was critically panned - largely because it's a blend of bizarre, puerile teen comedy and a wholly moronic script - and it's mostly best just considered a curio of a bygone era.

Cena turns up as a unnamed "gymrat" for a few seconds, bringing up the quota of real wrestlers even further.

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