Every John Cena Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

From Fruity Pebbles to popcorn...

Trainwreck John Cena

Very soon, John Cena will be one of Hollywood's most hotly employable talents.

With his wrestling career coming to its end, Cena is set to follow The Rock to the big screen in a more substantial way. He's already broke through in interesting supporting roles, but with Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, The Pact, Ferdinand and Daddy's Home 2 all confirmed and a big link to DCEU's Shazam! movie, he's about to jump even higher up the ladder.

In a couple of years, he might well be starring in Baywatch remakes and picking up the kind of paycheques that make Dwayne Johnson one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. So right now is a great time to look back on what he's done so far. There have been highs and some unfortunate lows, and while he's an irresistible draw to wrestling fans, it's clear some of his movie work hasn't been quite the work of a champion.

And it all started with a documentary and a cameo...

Honourable Mention

Inside Pro Wrestling School

John Cena Inside Wrestling School
Original Productions

Back before he was employed by WWE and after his football career aspirations came to nothing, Cena started training at UPW's Ultimate University - a formative period of his life that was partly documented by the Discovery Channel film Inside Pro Wrestling School.

He's not playing a character, but watching Cena working towards turning his Prototype gimmick into a WWE property is compelling stuff, even in a documentary that lacks a little gloss. It's an important step on his journey, and a great way to gain insight into his passion for wrestling.

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