Every Superhero Movie This Decade Ranked - Worst To Best

From dumpster fires to masterworks.

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Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. & Fox

Since the turn of the decade, the popularity of superhero cinema has skyrocketed to previously unimaginable heights, and back in 2010, who could've ever expected that less than 10 years later, the Marvel Cinematic Universe would boast over $15 billion in box office receipts?

Even as many fear the onset of "superhero fatigue", there are more major comic book movies being released each year than ever before, the majority of which are in fact commercially successful. Between the MCU, DC Extended Universe, Fox's X-Men Universe and other, smaller independent superhero flicks, clearly the output isn't slowing down any time soon.

Since 2010, more than 50 superhero movies have hit cinemas, and of course, they're a wildly mixed bunch. From the unconscionably awful to those masterpieces that transcend the genre, these comic book flicks all hit cinemas and were duly judged by audiences and critics alike.

Some, evidently, will stand the test of time for decades more, while others were forgotten mere weeks after their release. Having sorted the wheat from the chaff, then, here is every single superhero movie since 2010 ranked from horrendous worst to stunning best...


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