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Mickey's a busy Mouse...

Disney Future

If you're a fan of Disney, there's lots to get excited about at the moment. Not only does the house that Mickey built have its own classic animation films, but there's a whole world of live action remakes, as well as the films set to be released under the Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars brands. If they keep going the same way they'll end up releasing every single blockbuster.

We now know the Disney schedule through to 2021 thanks to a shuffle with the release dates, so there's a pretty clear picture of what Disney fans are going to be watching for the next four years at least. On top of that fixed schedule there are also some other projects circling production, and all in all, there are almost 50 projects currently in various states of production.

On top of all of the known releases and ones we have evidence of but no firm release data on, there are also some mystery release slots confirmed, like the 3 Marvel films set for 2020 (which we've speculated about here), and the 2 Pixars the same year and one for 2021.

If they don't pick up at least four of the top 10 box office slots of every year from 2017 through to 2021, there will be something badly amiss.

But which of those projects deserve to be put into your diary immediately...?

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