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With the forthcoming release of the Evil Dead remake, it’s a little surprising to hear the news that Sam Raimi is still working on the decades in the making Evil Dead 4. We’ve heard about a sequel to Army of Darkness for well over a decade, be it Evil Dead 4, Army of Darkness 2, or Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. Hearing the same song and tune over and over again has made fans a little jaded. We all want another film, but most of us have come to realize that it probably just isn’t in the cards.

Still, if they did make a film, there is always the chance it will be a colossal disappointment. When we fans clamor for another film, we need to keep in mind a few things that need to happen to make the film work.

10. Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell Ash Army of Darkness

It goes without say that Bruce Campbell is the face of the franchise. Many people were irritated that he wasn’t in the remake, despite the fact that it wouldn’t make sense for him to appear at all. For the remake, Bruce Campbell doesn’t exist.

That wouldn’t be the case in Evil Dead 4. Bruce Campbell’s gone on record to say he would return if Raimi ever came to him with a script, so this is the only element on this list that’s sort of a given. However…


9. Show Ash’s Age


A lot of older franchises have received sequels in the last few years. Some of them were very well received, while others were less popular. The more successful ones showed that time had passed in the universe, and that the heroes from the original films were now relics, outdated, out of their element.

Bruce Campbell isn’t getting any younger. By the time Evil Dead 4 does come out, he’d be a good deal older than he was in Army of Darkness. The actor is still capable of lots of great physical comedy, but a lot of fun can be had poking fun of his age. It would be a waste to miss that opportunity.

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This article was first posted on March 20, 2013