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Isn’t it typical? We wait two decades for a new Evil Dead movie and now it looks like we’re getting four!

That’s right. Fans of Sam Raimi’s classic Deadite trilogy can look forward to Fede Alvarez’s intense Evil Dead remake this month but there’s also a sequel in the works as well as two new additions involving the original hero Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell).

Work will begin on a sequel to Raimi’s original trilogy this summer and will pick up where Army of Darkness left off with Ash the last man on Earth after accidentally sleeping through time (it’s a long story). This version of events will run alongside Alvarez’s vision with a sequel to his Evil Dead remake to follow in the next couple of years.

And if that’s not exciting news enough Alvarez, Campbell and Raimi have all hinted that there will be one final film that brings both timelines together in one almighty conclusion! That’s right, Raimi’s Evil Dead and Alvarez’s Evil Dead are both canon and will crossover on screen!

This news comes from this years WonderCon Festival which is the location for the Evil Dead reboot premiere.

This isn’t the first time we’ve got out hopes up though so until we see something completely official we’ll maintain out position firmly on the fence with this one. It’s still early days after all and we don ‘t know how successful the reboot will be but if all goes to plan we could end up with a staggering 7 Evil Dead movies. As Ash Williams would say: “Groovy”.


source – total film

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This article was first posted on April 2, 2013