EXCLUSIVE: Wolverine and Justice League updates!

Two high profile comic book films get additional crew members… and one of them gets WETA!

Will Reynolds


Wolverine starts shooting next month and as far as I know Hugh Jackman is the only confirmed cast member (though Brian Cox is listed as rumoured on IMDB).

Fox are obviously going to have to do something about that because, as much as I would love to watch 120 minutes of solo Jackman, he could really do with someone to play off against in this film!

In charge of the search for co-stars is Christine King (Fool’s Gold, Revenge of the Sith) who has been hired as casting director for the movie. I suspect it has been left so late because the studio were waiting on Skip Woods’ rewrite. Opinion on the earlier script was universal: it stank. Hopefully Woods has been able to pull something decent together.

As for Wolverine’s duds, X-Men Films has found out that Kym Barrett (The Matrix, Speed Racer) will be designing them.

Meanwhile, over on George Miller’s Justice League, we can report that the bulk of filming will take place at Fox Studios in Sydney and will involve extensive green screen work.

As for crew members, Miller has added another Oscar winner to his team in the form of director of photography Dean Semler. Art direction comes from Hugh Bateup and Damien Drew, both veterans of The Matrix franchise and Superman Returns.

P.J. Voeten, who has worked with Miller on Happy Feet and Babe will join the production as first assistant director when he finishes work on The Mummy 3 in Canada.

Now for something that’s sure to get fanboys salivating – WETA will be creating the costumes for the Justice League heroes! They may even be handling visual effects as well, though that news isn’t confirmed yet.

It’s worth noting that films on this scale will often take on several effects houses to manage the workload, so WETA are likely to be involved in some form.