Eyes Wide Shut: 10 Awesome Images You've Never Seen

6. Drama in the Drama

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Eyes Wide Shut starred two huge A-listers: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman who at the time "in real life" were one of the most talked about married couples. As a consequence there was a lot of commotion concerning Eyes Wide Shut, even in its very early stages. Kubrick was famously quite weary of big names. He preferred a solid ensemble cast but the guys at Warner Bros. urged him to choose a star, something that according to them he hadn't done since Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

In 1995 the only slice of information that Warner Bros. released into the public sphere was that Kubrick was making "a story of sexual jealousy and obsession starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman". The sort of tag line you could easily see splashed across gossip websites. Rumors started to buzz all over the place: Kubrick, the mad genius is making a porno. Tom Cruise will be wearing a dress. Kidman is being forced into it etc. etc.

Back to real life post-Eyes Wide Shut: Cruise filed for a divorce from Kidman in 2001, two years after the release of this film. However, due to their immense popularity the whole world zoomed in on the premiere for a glimpse of trouble in paradise. The photos taken of the red carpet form their very own spin-off movie: Cruise vs. Kidman. Here are two in which, according to gossip reporters, Kidman refused to pose with Cruise who then had a right go at her. She was left sour faced and alone.

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