Fantastic Four Trailer: 10 Things You Missed

Latveria, here we come! So while a lot of people weren't all that excited about The Fantastic Four getting a reboot, we really can't wait. It's been a long time coming, and they're certainly a superhero team that deserve a film worthy of their legacy. There's also more than enough there on paper to maintain a pretty healthy series indefinitely, so if this film goes off without a hitch - we could be staring at the beginning of something huge. The Fantastic Four just plain rule, and while it doesn't look like we're ever gonna see them in the MCU, at least they're in safe hands with the team behind the most recent X-Men outings. That being said, the new trailer was pretty reserved, considering the hype (and worry) around the release. And although on the surface, the first trailer gives very little away - there's actually a lot of things going on in the background that point to where this film is gonna take us. Whether it be sly co-ordinates on a computer screen, the humble origins of a soon to be famous Ben Grimm, or what appears to be Avengers - Age Of Ultron style infighting, here are the 10 biggest things you missed in the new trailer for Fantastic Four!

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