Fifty Shades of Grey: 10 Steamy Scenes That Prove Mila Kunis Is Perfect For Anastasia Steele

Whether we like it or not, Fifty Shades Of Grey will be a movie sooner rather than later. It will…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Mila Kunis Zoe Saldana

Whether we like it or not, Fifty Shades Of Grey will be a movie sooner rather than later. It will probably be an awful mess, and everyone will feel terribly ashamed of themselves for even trying, but it will also make a bucketload of cash based on the book sales.

Up until now we could have been forgiven for ignoring it entirely, but it turns out Mila Kunis might just be interested in starring in it as Anastasia Steel, the Bella rip-off whose hot for horndog businessmen with whips and chains. That’s something we could get on board with. So with that in mind, we’re celebrating Kunis’ finest steamy moments – the ones that prove she’s the perfect choice for the role.

And before we get started, for those of you who don’t believe Kunis is right for the role, you might be on to something. Given how sexually provocative and kinky the film adaptation is likely to be (unless they censor it horribly and take away the entire appeal of the thing), it would perhaps better suit someone not so notoriously set against on-screen nudity.

Or indeed who reacts to a littleĀ scatologicalĀ funtime than Kunis’ character did in Seth MacFarlane’s lewd but hilarious Ted.

10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – The Flash

Kunis FLash

Yes, it is the worst kept secret in the history of naked cinema that Kunis refused to go topless even for the snapshot of a drunken flash that represents Jason Segel’s opportunity to play the knight in shining armour for her, but the scene still reflects something about the actress.

That Body Double shot might well be the most convincing one ever captured – partly because of the frontal nature of the image, and perhaps due to the fact that it only appears on screen for a second (unless you have perfected your pausing technique,) and crucially Kunis was happy to have it featured in the film.

Who’s to say she might not take the next step, given the right opportunity (and perhaps the right pay check) and make the step up from everyone thinking she’d already bared her skin in a movie, to her actually doing it?