Film Theory: Split Is More Than A Standalone Sequel To Unbreakable...

The M. Night Shyamalanaverse begins.

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M. Night Shyamalan’s most recent movie and return to the psychological horror genre, Split, is the first film in a long while to break the director’s string of bad luck. Focussing on a trio of young girls kidnapped by a man with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) hosting a staggering 23 personalities, his purpose in taking them becomes clear when the terrifying appearance of a 24th becomes apparent.

Featuring Anna Taylor-Joy as the willful leader of the group of girls, Casey, and James McAvoy as the long-suffering and mentally shattered Kevin, the film reignited Shyamalan's status as the king of the end game, bringing about another jaw-dropping plot twist in the final moments of the movie to accompany the polished visuals and incredible acting.

With a little speculation on the other elements seeded throughout the film, however - there might be something more at work. What if, instead of just being the standalone sequel to Unbreakable, Split has some other secrets up its sleeve? What if there’s more than one movie linked to this piece? What if, in the same way Kevin is the converging point for all these personalities, Split is the vessel that holds the key to the kingdom of the Shyamalanverse? It's truly a magical time to be alive.

This piece will contain spoilers for a number of Shyamalan films, so you’ve been warned...


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