Final Justice League Trailer Coming At NYCC This Sunday

All in.

Aquaman Justice League Poster
Warner Bros.

The next trailer for Justice League is coming this Sunday, Warner Bros. have revealed.

It was expected that the movie would unveil some new footage at New York Comic Con this weekend, and the movie's Twitter account has confirmed as much, along with unveiling a number of new character posters for each of the League members, complete with the tagline "All In" (which you can check out below).

The last trailer arrived back at San Deigo Comic-Con, and this one is likely going to give us the best look yet at the sort of changes Joss Whedon has (or hasn't) made to Zack Snyder's original vision. We should also hear some of Danny Elfman's score, with the composer brought in not long after Whedon himself joined.

With the movie's release just over a month away, this is expected to be the 'final' trailer for the movie (before the inevitable international version, a bunch of TV spots, and a slew of commercial tie-in promos). Hopefully it'll give us a good indication of the tone of the movie in its completed state, without giving too much away at this late stage (i.e. keep Superman out of the picture).

What do you hope to see in the new trailer? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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