Game Of Thrones Season 7: 15 Best Internet Reactions To Dragonstone

That's quite the divisive cameo, you have there...

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Winter has come, and so have lots of fans, by the look of social media.

After a wait far longer than felt necessary, Game Of Thrones has returned with surprising cameos, weird Harry Potter references and such vicious shade from The Hound that even the Night's King would turn his army round in a huff if it came his way.

The season 7 premiere wasn't quite the rip-roaring, all-action affair it might have been predicted to be, but it was great all the same, establishing lots of story possibilities, advancing character progression smartly and making sure all of the chess pieces are in place before the action really kicks off.

And inevitably, because it's the biggest show on TV and by far the most talked about, the fans had a lot to say about the season opener. A lot of it was good. Some of it was surprisingly negative

So how did the Internet see it?

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