Ghostbusters 3: 9 Actors To Replace Bill Murray

It’s finally 2013 and you know what that means… Ghostbusters 3 will be filmed this year! Probably. Maybe. As of…

Colleen Cunha



It’s finally 2013 and you know what that means… Ghostbusters 3 will be filmed this year! Probably. Maybe. As of recent interviews, Dan Aykroyd is still the biggest supporter of the project and is working on the script with Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (who write for the US version of The Office) along with Etan Cohen, working with Sony, and keeping in contact with Ivan Reitman and a lot of others. Ernie Hudson said he would be on board if asked, Harold Ramis has already committed, and there are whispers of Aykroyd talking Rick Moranis out of retirement (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) to join the gang too. So it seems like the only person in Hollywood not interested in this project is Bill Murray.

We’ve all heard the stories about Murray not wanting to have anything to do with the reboot of the franchise, and if Murray’s going to be a downer, then don’t invite him over! Legally his stake in the franchise is supposedly void because of all the rejections he’s made at offers from everyone else working on this project, so it’s probably time to move on.

Since the announcement of Ghostbusters 3, Aykyroyd has talked about this new project being a kind of hybrid remake/reboot, where the Ghostbusters name is handed off to the next generation. What better way to bequeath a beloved franchise to a new generation than by replacing the leader of the gang with a young, up and coming comedic actor who can take the reins and fill the void? Sounds like a plan! Here are a few actors who could embody the second coming of the lost Peter Venkman.

9. Beau Mirchoff


Beau Mirchoff isn’t a recognizable name yet, but he could blow up any day now. He started out in sequels (Scary Movie 4 and The Grudge 3) with a few recurring roles on TV shows like Desperate Housewives and Heartland, and has since scored himself the role of the often shirtless Matty on MTV’s scripted show, Awkward. It’s a funny show with a young audience and real-world appeal (and not the Real World that MTV is used to) that has given the 24 year-old an amazing opportunity to prove himself.

Plus he’s got three more movies coming out in 2013, he could be the next Josh Hutcherson- a young guy that moms like, girls love, and guys think looks like a pretty cool dude. Akyroyd and company should sweep him up now before he takes over! He could fit into the new movie as a young protagonist looking to find his place in the world who stumbles upon a group of men with anti-ghost vacuum cleaners. I can totally see it.