Glass Reviews: 12 Early Reactions You Need To See

Can M Night Shyamalan's trilogy-ender live up to the hype?

Glass Poster
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Universal has lifted the review embargo on the first hotly-anticipated movie of 2019: M. Night Shyamalan's Glass.

The follow-up to Unbreakable and Split has been hyped up as the final confirmation of the filmmaker's return to form, so it's a damn shame to report that the early reviews are wildly mixed.

At the time of press, Glass is rocking a Tomatometer score in the 35-40% region with a mere 5.0/10 average score, which would actually place it below the director's extremely divisive 2004 release The Village.

The early consensus seems to be that the director serves up some interesting ideas while getting solid performances out of his cast, yet fails to combine the various elements into a totally entertaining and satisfying whole.

Does it sound like Glass is terrible? Absolutely not, but given the high standard set by Split, it's certainly worth lowering your expectations before the film releases for general audiences next week.

As for Shyamalan? At least the movie has zero chance of failing at the box office, so he'll be fine...

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