GREEN LANTERN is Christmas 2010 release… lots more WB release dates here!

Warner Bros. have been working out their strategy of releases for the next two years and have come up with…

Matt Holmes


Warner Bros. have been working out their strategy of releases for the next two years and have come up with a game plan that looks something like this according to ercboxoffice.


The final part of the Hogwarts movies, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART II will hit theatres on July 15th 2011, some eight months after PART I. 

At the moment that is the same release date as Marvel’s epic ensemble THE AVENGERS but there’s time for movement on that one, I can’t see both of them liking the idea of competing with one another. 


GREEN LANTERN, the next Warner Bros. character to get a tentpole will be released on Dec. 17th 2010. This marks a distinct change for Warner Bros. who always bring their comic book characters to the dance as Summer epics and is a distinct risk, trying to see if the market can hold up a Christmas release. 

It worked for I AM LEGEND in 2007 but can it work for a costumed character?

CASINO ROYALE and THE MASK OF ZORRO director Martin Campbell is in charge and will be picking his LANTERN very soon to hit that release date. 


Meanwhile, JONAH HEX which is slightly ahead in terms of production time, will open on August 6th 2010, starring Josh Brolin and John Malkovich for HORTON HEARS A WHO director Jimmy Hayward. 

Two of the highest profile Warner Bros. directors have also had their next movies rubber stamped with release dates. 


Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated science fiction movie INCEPTION will hit theatres on July 16th 2010… which right now puts it directly up against Kenneth Branagh’s THOR. 


WATCHMEN director Zack Snyder’s next movie SUCKER PUNCH, his r-rated action movie that is described as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns”. That movie begins filming in June, possibly with MAMMA MIA star Amanda Seyfried in the lead role. She has recently held talks over the picture with WB. 


THE INCREDIBLE HULK director Louis Letterier is still unfortunately hell bent on making his CLASH OF THE TITANS movie at WB, which has now been given a March 26th 2010 bow. AVATAR actor Sam Worthington leads that one. 


And finally SHERLOCK HOLMES has become a Christmas release this year, pushed back from November. 

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