Grouch: Watch SNL’s Incredible Joker Parody Trailer

Sesame Street just went really dark..

Grouch SNL Parody

People often say that Saturday Night Live isn't as funny as it used to be, but the famous comedy show has just played an absolute blinder with a parody trailer taking aim at Joker and Hollywood's perverse fascination with gritty, grim origin stories.

Bringing in David Harbour and some of the regular cast, the show reimagined Oscar The Grouch's story, explaining how he turned to a life in garbage when his city let him down. It's genuinely one of the best things SNL has ever done, including cameos of other Sesame Street characters as you've never seen them before: Snuffleupagus as a pimp, Big Bird as a stripper, The Count as a pill-popping addict...

SNL posted the teaser on their Twitter page and if you've ever wanted to see Bert and Ernie getting mugged in an alley, this is your chance...

The touches in there are just brilliant - especially the ABCDEFG News gag - and honestly, if someone wanted to legitimately make this, they absolutely should.

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