Happy Death Day 2U Review: 4 Ups & 6 Downs

A messy, genre-bending sequel.

Happy Death Day 2U Jessica Rothe

Happy Death Day 2U is now in cinemas worldwide, and defying the tendency for horror sequels to fall majorly short of the mark, the film is mostly drumming up mixed-positive reviews so far, just like its predecessor.

It does feel like critics have gone a tad easy on the movie, though, for as appealing as Jessica Rothe's presence is once again, this is a conceptually messy follow-up that too often can't make sense of its jumbled ideas.

If you're a huge fan of the first film it'll probably scratch the itch well enough, but as an attempt to pivot away from the horror trappings of what came before, it ends up feeling like a somewhat ambitious, somewhat complacent sequel.

For the low standards of a horror sequel releasing in the dump month of February it could be far worse, but it also categorically fails to capitalise on its subversive potential.

Whatever your own reaction to it, though, there's no reality where it doesn't post gangbusters business at the box office, and we all know what that means...


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