Harry Potter Quiz: You Probably CAN'T Name All Of These Characters

Let's hope you can Remembrall them...

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In the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter, there are any number of characters that fans have fallen in love with over the years. The famous wizarding families are inevitably very recognisable - either because we love them or because they inspire such fear that they're instantly notorious, but not every character is quite so easy to place.

Over the years, some characters who've played significant parts in the Voldemort saga have been carefully and unconsciously placed in your Pensieve without you realising. And while you might know their faces or what their roles were, keeping track of all of their names (particularly when some of them can be so... well, strange) can be rather taxing. And chances are, you'd struggle to get through the whole series without someone's name being obliviated.

So why not test out just how good your Harry Potter knowledge (and memory) is by correctly answering this Who's Who and Who's That of Harry Potter?

Type in the answers (and make sure you spell them correctly - Hogwarts teachers wouldn't accept sloppy spelling and neither will we) and find out at the end how many you got. Remember, full names are important...

1. Who Is This Tragic Victim Of Lord Voldemort?

Type your answer in the box provided, and click Continue when you are finished.

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