Has Spider-Man: Far From Home Just Cast Its J Jonah Jameson?

Does JB Smoove want pictures of Spider-Man?

JB Smoove Spider Man

Another lead character has been added to Spider-Man: Far From Home after the news of Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Keaton's castings recently. Curb Your Enthusiasm star JB Smoove has been cast in a so-far unnamed role, according to Deadline, and there's surely only one role he can be playing.

The character he's playing is said to be a "lead," which leaves minimal logical possibilities. And as anyone who's seen Smoove's previous performances knows, he would make a hell of a J Jonah Jameson.

It's a shame that JK Simmons can't come back, but he's now in the DCEU (with further contractual obligations apparently), so recasting the cantankerous firebrand editor-in-chief is definitely going to be necessary somewhere down the line. And while we know that the MCU's Spider-Man will be staying in school, there's no reason he can't encounter Jameson while he's still there.

Deadline say that Smoove will shoot his role before he returns to his regular role in Larry David’s comedy show. In a weird twist of fate, he has actually already starred alongside Tom Holland's Peter Parker, thanks to an Audi commercial that showed him playing a driving instructor giving Parker a lesson.

JB Smoove SpiderMan

It seems he'll have a considerably more significant role this time out, but clearly Marvel saw something in their chemistry that they wanted more of in the sequel.

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