Has THE AVENGERS Mystery Villain Been Revealed?

This is very much rumour territory but we are still invoking a spoiler warning on this story…



Before even the trailer was released for next summer’s The Avengers blockbuster movie, speculation was rife of mystery villains being featured in the form of an extraterrestrial army under the control of Loki, the film’s main antagonist. Rumors flew around the internet claiming the army was made up of Skrulls, Kree, or any number of the numerous alien races that populate the Marvel Universe. But now, according to Comic Book Movie (and remember they publish stories with the loosest amount of fact), they have information from a reliable source pointing to identity of the mysterious army. It’s still a rumor at this stage, but I still invoke a SPOILER WARNING for those who want to go into the movie fresh.

Early drafts of the script have suggested that Loki brought his army to Earth through the Negative Zone, a mysterious dimension first introduced in the pages of the Fantastic Four, allowing other creatures to follow them through. While the army wasn’t named, it is believed that all references point to the Skrulls, and of the other creatures that came to Earth, it was suggested Annihilus, ruler of the Negative Zone, was one of them. Primarily a Fantastic Four villain, Annihulis has confronted the Avengers on occasion, and was even made a major league villain in the cosmic event Annihilation.

As I said, this is all speculation, but this make a tiny bit of sense. If Annihulis does make an appearance, it could be as a cameo to set up a plot thread running through the next batch of Marvel Studio’s movie, as the formation of the Avengers ran through the first batch, leading to The Avengers 2 (though I really hope the sequel will be an adaption of Civil War).