Home Alone: 10 Awesome Images You've Never Seen

As the calendar creeps quickly towards Christmas Day on the 25th of December, we€™re counting down the days with a special advent calendar of festive films, revealing a set of rare images for each chosen film to surprise and delight film fans. Under the mistletoe today is Chris Columbus and John Hughes classic Home Alone. If you were born in the eighties then there's an extremely high probability that you view Home Alone as the quintessential Christmas movie. Hell, even if you weren't there's still every chance that it places high atop the list of all time greatest seasonal movie offerings on the market. And for good reason. Easily one of the greatest Kids vs. Adults stories ever told, Home Alone is just one of those warm and fuzzy movies that I - and many others no doubt - strive to re-watch at least once every couple of years in the run up to Christmas day. After all, what could be more repeatable than the exercise of watching a charismatic young Macaulay Culkin turn his stuffy, suburban family home into a grotto of misery and punishment for two bumbling Christmas crooks? Very little, I argue. Very little indeed. But there's of course a serious moral. Christmas can often bring out the worst in people; it's that time of year when greed, financial woes and familial stress are at their most rampant throughout society. As a result, many are at their angriest around the holidays - perhaps wishing their own family away, or even wishing for a simple little break away from their naughtier children. Home Alone knows this all too well and in fact makes an entire movie out of the concept but ultimately, and quite rightly, argues for us to "be careful what we wish for". Home Alone is a fantastic 'living vicariously' adventure for anyone who ever felt the urge to strangle an infuriating family member over Christmas dinner. So, in honour of that - and in honour of the merry month of December of course - we present to you our second entry to WhatCulture's Advent Calendar. Here are 10 images from Home Alone that there's a good chance you've never seen before.
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