How Avengers: Infinity War Hid Another Brilliant Captain Marvel Easter Egg

Could this explain her different costume?

Captain Marvel Phase 4
Marvel Studios

It seems we all missed a glaring Captain Marvel Easter Egg in Avengers: Infinity War that has just been turned up by one eagle-eyed fan on Reddit. As well as her being the "star" of the post-credits stinger, Marvel's presence - or at least a strange allusion to it - was actually foreshadowed well before Nick Fury sent his panicked page as he was about to fade to dust.

And in addition, it could actually explain why set photos from Captain Marvel have shown Brie Larson's hero wearing an entirely different costume to the red and blue classic look from the comics.

The Easter Egg comes early in the film (the first time, anyway), when Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw attack New York to try and take the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. Though it's a little hard to see initially, the hulking giant villain's huge pick-axe-like weapon has what appears to be a battle trophy attached to it.

Hanging from the handle is a swatch of cloth with Captain Marvel's colours and emblem on. Not only are the colours correct, the two gold bars are placed so perfectly that it couldn't be anything else:

Captain Marvel Infinity War
Marvel Studios

This is huge.

It can only mean that Cull Obsidian and Captain Marvel have met before and that he has beaten her in combat and taken her costume as a trophy. Either that or she is in hiding and the "trophy" is more like a scent-reminder to Cull Obsidian in case she turns up again?

It might even mean that the creature known in the comics as Black Dwarf may have killed Marvel and that the version coming to Avengers 4 will be a time traveller from the past who is unaware of her own death at his hands? That's a tiny bit unlikely since Marvel will be hanging far more importance on her into Phase 4 and beyond, but it's still an intriguing mysteryall the same, since it definitely does look like a war trophy.

Presumably, we'll find out how Captain Marvel and Cull Obsidian know each other when her solo movie debuts next year. For now, all there is is speculation.

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