How Leonardo DiCaprio Could Have Avoided Dying In Every Movie [Video]

Titanic Some actors just seem to love dying in just about every movie they star in; Leonardo DiCaprio is one of these folk, and though he hasn't racked up a body count quite as high as Sean Bean's (nobody is ever coming close to that), he's certainly making an effort to catch up. What's most striking about DiCpario's movie deaths, though, is how avoidable they usually are; they often result from his character either making a silly mistake or getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, killed in the most wasteful and unnecessary of means. While this rarely has a bearing on the quality of the film itself, it just seems to be a quirk of the actor's that if he's not dying of being old (J. Edgar), he's most likely dying in a rather ridiculous - albeit very entertaining - manner. Whether it's intended to be or not, the result is more often than not either shocking, hilarious or both - the actor has a perfect knack for picking roles that ensure he is dispatched in the most absurd and memorable manner possible. Click the video below to see how DiCaprio could have avoided dying in a multitude of his best-known movies.
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