Infinity War Image Hints At MAJOR Change For Nick Fury

Get ready for an army of faceless goons to become not-so-faceless...

Infinity War Nick Fury Skrull

With April 26th not coming soon enough, fans are chomping at the bit to see how Marvel's riskiest venture yet will go down. We've got the trusted talents of both Anthony and Joseph Russo directing (having proven themselves massively with Winter Soldier and Civil War), and we've got one of the most cataclysmic storylines in Marvel history to watch play out.

However, with all focus being on Steve Rogers' return and the proper debut of Thanos, one character likely not on your radar is Nick Fury.

Tantalisingly - or far too spoilery, depending on how much you want to read into this image - Samuel L. Jackson just send out an Instagram that could give the game away as to where his character goes in the movie.

Whatever's happening to Fury it doesn't exactly look human, and fans are already speculating that this means ol' Nick becomes a Skrull - one of an aggressive colonising race who are likely working with Thanos during his invasion of Earth.

You can't have a "big final fight" without an army of walking cannon fodder to take down - but what if said "faceless goons" are now comprised of former heroes? That'd sure make for a great subversion of expectation, especially if there's no giant beam in the sky either...

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