Infographic Celebrates STAR TREK’S 45th Anniversary

Gene Roddenberry launched Star Trek into space on September 8th, 1966 and we have an infographic to celebrate!

Matt Holmes


On September 8th, 1966 – England were a few months into celebrating their first (and to date only!) World Cup trophy, The Beatles were top of the UK album charts again with Revolver and creator Gene Roddenberry launched Star Trek into space, forever changing the landscape of science fiction in literature, t.v. and movies. Today England are a boring footballing side who struggle to even beat Wales, modern music is mostly manufactured pop crap that is as soulless as the Borg, and Star Trek is six years removed from being on television.

Depressing or what?

Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of Star Trek and it’s about time Paramount and CBS got their act together and commissioned a new show because six years without going where no man has gone before, well it’s just not the Gene Roddenberry way. As much as we enjoyed J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie, they should only be seen as event/blockbuster films… somebody needs to expand either the original or the alternative timeline universe and be given the freedom to explore strange new worlds.

To celebrate the 45 year history of Star Trek, came up with this informative infographic detailing briefly the journey of the sci-fi phenomenon which is certainly worth a look and it’s a canny reminder of how much we miss it. Please let’s make sure that by the 50th anniversary, we are well into a new generation of Starfleet…