Iron Man 3

For some, tonight’s release of the new Iron Man 3 trailer was the biggest event of the entire Super Bowl schedule – including the game itself, if Twitter is anything to go by, and the new teaser certainly didn’t disappoint, even though there wasn’t quite as much new material as some might have liked.

First up, here she is…

And now on to the five big things we’ve learned…

5. The Zingers Are Back

Most of the talk heading out of the first trailer for Iron Man 3 was that there was a noticeable lack of mirth. The first two films (particularly the second) had been full of Tony’s typical zingers, as well as other comic moments (like the ill-advised and unfunny Happy Hogan/Black Widow henchmen fight sequence), and that first trailer seemed to suggest a much darker, even melancholic sequel was incoming.

But thanks to the troll-like play on the term “extended look” that opened this trailer, as well as Tony’s understated reaction to JARVIS’s information that he can effectively only save four of the 13 air-crash victims, it seems there is still an element of the same old Stark. Even after the events of New York in The Avengers and the death of Agent Coulson, it wouldn’t have felt right to entirely abandon the snark, and the early introduction

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013