IT: 6 Ways Bill Skarsgard Got Into Character

Bill Skarsgard's preparation for the iconic and terrifying role of Pennywise.

TBS/Warner Bros.

It has already scared its way into becoming a cultural sensation, shattering records and reviving the box office. Pennywise has returned right on schedule to spark fear into the small town of Derry and millions around the world.

Pennywise is one of horror's greatest terrors, originating in Stephen King's 1986 novel detailing the return of an ancient creature that takes the form of the Dancing Clown. Pennywise of course, is no clown at all, but rather a shape shifting horror that descended on Earth from the darkest corners of the universe, hunting on children by exploiting their fears.

This latest movie adaptation only depicts the kids' struggle, but the sequel will have them return as adults, and thankfully, we'll get to see more of Bill Skarsgard's stunning performance. He has already generated rave reviews and critical claim and more is definitely a good thing.

Skarsgard faced a challenge in becoming the evil clown creature, with the voice, movement, and look of Pennywise hard to nail down, but the 27-year-old Swedish actor pulled it off with aplomb with his demonic smile and bone-chilling voice.

In addition, Tim Curry's 1990 performance was exhilarating and hard to live up to, but with some preparation, Skarsgard brilliantly captured his own take on the dancing clown...


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