It Review: 9 Ups & 1 Down

The best studio horror film in years.

IT movie
New Line Cinema

The wait is finally over: the long-awaited, much-discussed remake of Stephen King's It is in cinemas worldwide, and to relief of millions of King's fans, critics are widely praising the movie as an efficient, thoughtful and simply terrifying horror film that delivers on all fronts.

Though there will be those who remain endlessly attached to the 1990 Tim Curry-starring movie, this slicker, better-acted and simply more faithful re-adaptation of King's hit novel is sure to be a far more successful go-around, pegged as it is to annihilate the box office over the next few weeks while the original film bafflingly went straight-to-TV.

If you've struggled to find enticing, big-budget studio movies to go see over the last few weeks, as the slumping box office suggests you probably have, It just might be the treat for you.

Just make sure you see it with someone, because you don't want to walk home alone at night after seeing this. Seriously...


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