With Skyfall finally hitting our screens today, it’s time to look back at the James Bond series and run-down the very best and worst that the series has had to offer. Undeniably having some sure peaks and low troughs throughout the years as the Broccolis sought to change up their tone and style for various reasons, it’s a series as inconsistent as any, but has endured for the last half-century due to its charm and its ostensible British-ness.

Will Sam Mendes’ take on Bond crack our “five awesome movies” list? If you haven’t been able to guess by our glowing review, then read on and find out!


Awesome Movies…


5. Dr. No (1962)

It’s of little surprise that Bond’s inaugural outing on screen made it onto this list, for it not only introduced audiences to James Bond, but made of lead Sean Connery an international film star. Though it’s not the best Bond film, it’s an excellent one for two major reasons: Connery’s immaculate portrayal of Bond, and the absolutely stunning production design and location work.

Dr. No’s island, Crab Key, is beautifully lensed, and of course, who can forgot the most iconic Bond girl moment ever, as Ursula Andress emerges from the sea in that bikini. Still, it’s far from superficial; the storyline is as engaging as the characters, and it also manages to satisfy as a thrilling action film. True to many Bond films, its simplicity is what makes it work – as far too many recent Bond films have gone the other way and over-complicated things – and in terms of simple lineage, we wouldn’t be where we are today without it.

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This article was first posted on October 26, 2012