James Mcavoy

Over the past 15 years, James McAvoy has elevated himself to Hollywood stardom by taking work in a whole variety of mediums, including TV, theatre and film, all of which he has imbued with an undeniable energy and enthusiasm that has captivated audiences worldwide. McAvoy has successfully traversed between independent and Hollywood roles, and whilst not all of the Scottish actor’s work has been met with critical or commercial acclaim, his filmography remains solid.

With the release of McAvoy’s new film, Filth – an adaptation of the novel from Irvine Welsh (he wrote Trainspotting, you know) – being released today in Scotland and a week later throughout the rest of the UK, I will be taking a retrospective look at the performances that have showcased his talents, and some performances which… well, did the opposite of that.

Contained with this list are films which fans of McAvoy will be familiar with, particularly in those performances which have given him the reputation and adulation he receives today. And of course, those that sucked…

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This article was first posted on September 27, 2013