WhatCulture! attended a BAFTA Screenwriters lecture talk last night with Bond 23 screenwriter John Logan who hinted that a very iconic Bond villain might be ready to make his debut in the Daniel Craig series and actually his first big screen appearance since Max Von Sydow played him in Never Say Never Again 28 years ago!

Rather interestingly, during the talk last night Logan was reminded by an audience member of a quote that he said some ten years ago that, in his opinion, “Bond should always fight Blofeld”. When pressed on this he gave a wry smile and said “Bond should always fight Blofeld”.

We won’t know if Logan was leading us on a merry dance with that enigmatic response for a few months to come, but bringing back one of Bonds oldest foes may just be what the franchise needs. The character wasn’t used in the Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan 007 era and we’ve missed his devilish ways! And certainly the Craig movies have been building towards a large overarching figurehead who is the head of QUANTUM and it would be a great way for director Sam Mendes to finish off this current trilogy with Bond’s version of The Joker or Professor Moriarty.

Whilst Logan wouldn’t give away any actual plot details, he did tell us that the production has two weeks rehearsal time scheduled into it which is unheard of in the film industry these days and even more so on a big budget action movie such as the Bond franchise. This would certainly indicate that a fresh approach is being taken with the latest installment and may hopefully lead to something more exciting than 007’s last outing.

For more Bond 23 info read our writer Tony Greenway’s fantastic Bond 23 guide of what we know officially and what we can only guess at this stage for the next James Bond movie.

And as for who could play Blofeld if he does appear in the film? Well how about this guy…

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This article was first posted on September 21, 2011