UPDATED: Minutes after I posted this story, I e-mailed Warner Bros. to see if “Jonah Hex” was still on course for it’s summer release and I just got this response;

At this point, nothing has changed and the June 18 date is holding.

So why the hush-hush?

Original story follows…

I understand and have already reported that “Jonah Hex” underwent some late in the day re-shooting at the turn of the year under the consultation of Francis Lawrence (“I Am Legend, Constantine”).

I understand that Jimmy Hayward’s (“Horton Hears A Who“) final cut probably isn’t all there yet, but we are less than three months away from it’s June 18th release date and still no trailer. Not even a 30 second teaser.

No new posters since last year, no official photo’s, in fact nothing since the news of those re-shoots were announced in December when we were assured the release date would stay. So what gives?

Surely at this point, we can consider the June release date to be highly contentious and improbable?

Colour me surprised that a Western starring Josh Brolin along with the acting heavyweights of John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender and Michael Shannon is on nobody’s radar right now. Is it the “based on a B-grade comic that sometimes deals with the supernatural” that has everyone sour on the movie?

Is the re-shoots? Or is it the lack of interest from Warner Bros. means a lack of interest in us? Probably a combination of all three, right?

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This article was first posted on March 23, 2010