Jonathan Hensleigh sells Nine Lives

The writer/director of the 2004 Punisher movie convinces Jerry Bruckheimer to return to the action genre!

The Punisher, and the man responsible for writing other action fares in the genre like Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Saint and Armageddon has convinced producer Jerry Bruckheimer to go ahead with another action movie over at Walt Disney. Bruckheimer, a veteran of the action blockbuster has been spending the last few years mainly focusing on family adventure movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure. Variety say Jonathan Hensleigh has sold his pitch Nine Lives to Disney for a big $1.75 million deal, which he will now flesh out a full script for, though there is no word on whether he will direct. The movie revolves around a Manhattan detective called Nine Lives, so dubbed because of the number of shootings he has survived whilst on duty. This is Hensleigh's third attempt to get his script for Nine Lives off the ground after he originally sold the script to Disney during the time he was working on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles but it never got made. Later, he pitched the movie to Jerry Bruckheimer who was busy doing The Rock and their schedules would never again match-up so they could go ahead with the film. Hensleigh's scripts often feel like they are from the 70's era of film-making, which isn't necessarily a bad thing and then if they can find the right director for this then there could be hope.

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